About ACS

ACS is a five-year, USAID-funded project that supports countries to advance toward universal health coverage (UHC) in sub-Saharan Africa.

The ACS Approach

Launched in 2017, ACS is a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), that supports countries in sub-Saharan Africa navigate their own paths to universal health coverage. ACS does this by:

1. Identifying the operational challenges around health financing policies.
2. Bringing the essential people to the table, then collaborating to create the best processes and solutions.
3. Creating communication pathways to strengthen and support learning, advocacy and accountability.

How We Do It
ACS knows that the pathway towards UHC is not one size fits all. ACS incorporates all of the key in-country stakeholders’ voices to ensure that UHC policies and strategies are grounded in the diverse needs of the population.

Country by country, region by region, ACS examines existing UHC efforts and learns what the obstacles are. Whether the entry point is on HIV/AIDS or expanding coverage to the most vulnerable- ACS advances these efforts by sharing the knowledge among experts in health financing, policy, technical processes and communications.

The ACS Team

Led by Results for Development, the ACS team, predominantly based in Africa, are experts in health financing and systems, research, and policy, with strong skills in facilitations, communications and advocacy.

ACS Project Partners

Amref Health Africa

Feed the Children

The Global Health Innovation Center at Duke University

R4D (prime)



USAID (funder)