We bolster countries’ abilities to use their existing technical resources and capacities to move towards UHC.

Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa have demonstrated political will to pursue the goal of universal health coverage, but progress has been slow.

The process of making universal health coverage a reality is where things get stalled. Too often, the right people aren’t involved, they don’t have the right information, or aren’t talking to each other.

The African Collaborative for Heath Financing Solutions (ACS) works to improve this process. We provide critical support to countries as they navigate their own paths to universal health coverage – boosting their efforts through technical support, facilitation, and coaching.

We focus our attention on three pillars that are critical to making progress toward universal health coverage.

The ACS pillars
“Our numbers are our strength.”
Sams'K Le Jah
Co-Founder of Balai Citoyen

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The site aims to represent everything that the ACS project is: collaboration, learning, and accountability. You will find resources and opportunities for learning as well as vital voices from change agents striving to make Universal Health Coverage a reality across sub-Saharan Africa.

We want this site to grow and evolve in ways that meet your needs. And we invite your engagement. Please contact us with proposals for content ideas and contributions ranging from photography to blog posts. And, let us know about any UHC-related opportunities for collaboration in your country or sub-region that we can add to the calendar.

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Allison Kelley
ACS Project Director