ACS Accountability Learning Exchange Webinar

On February 16, 2021 the African Collaborative for Health Financing Solutions engaged in an internal learning exchange titled, Tackling accountability in the UHC ecosystem in Africa: ACS tools, approaches and findings from Benin and Botswana, to share experiences about ACS accountability efforts which have provided insights, lessons, and tools that may be useful to Sub-Saharan Africa countries. Speakers included: Cheickna Toure, Christelle Boyi, Conrad Tonoukouen, Matsae Balosang, and discussion lead by Allison Kelley.

ACS is a USAID funded project that supports SSA countries to navigate the complex UHC processes by conducting systematic stakeholder needs and demand assessments to better position our assistance. We facilitate multisectoral collaboration, to tackle issues identified by stakeholder provide health financing technical support, promote leanings from countries own process and organize knowledge exchanges, and finally support UHC stakeholders to promote accountability mechanisms.

ACS approaches accountability by laying down a foundations by building a regional stakeholder collaborative, supporting accountability initiatives and implementation in ACS countries., and facilitate cross country knowledge exchange and skills building among stakeholders in policy dialogue platforms. To begin accountability interventions across implementing countries , ACS sought to establish a conceptual clarification by answering the question “How does accountability function in a UHC ecosystem?” with the Heaven & Hell framework. ACS then used mapping as part of capacity gaps identification to determine the accountability status in Benin and Botswana as well as identify the opportunities for learning.

Overall, the internal webinar gave the ACS team and relevant stakeholders an opportunity to discuss the accountability approach in action, identify gaps in accountability around health financing decisions and policies/processes, and discuss how it could be adapted to any country context.

Watch here