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Activity Implementation in Botswana

Gaborone, Botswana
May 9, 2019

The Botswana Ministry of Health & Wellness is committed to strengthening internal communications across ministries, departments and offices that are collaborating for the advancement of Universal Health Coverage as part of its ongoing HIV/AIDS response.

ACS/Botswana team is supporting the Ministry of Health’s PR unit to set up a Communications Coordination Committee.  Communicators from various ministries, departments and offices gathered May 9 to assess the committee’s make-up and to define its vision, purpose and key functions.

Accountability Learning Collaborative

Core Group Meeting

Nairobi, Kenya
April 16-17

Despite significant political commitment to universal health coverage (UHC) throughout Africa, as well as access to evidence-based solutions for advancing UHC, countries continue to face challenges in transforming available evidence and policy into action. Additionally, there exists a lack of engagement of vested stakeholders, such as the private sector and civil society, to name a few. To advance equitably towards UHC, countries must involve and listen to stakeholders from every sector, with particular attention given to the often underrepresented voices.

In partnership with Amref Health Africa, the ACS project held its formal launch of its first Regional Learning Collaborative by engaging core stakeholder groups from government, civil society, and academic organizations to focus on accountability for UHC financing. During this initial gathering of the core group for the Regional Learning Collaborative, participants shared their experiences and knowledge, identify gaps, and co-create approaches to enhance accountability for a more equitable progression towards UHC.

African Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC)

Kigali, Rwanda
March 3-7, 2019

The African Health Agenda International Conference (AHAIC) convened over 1,500 participants from around the globe in Kigali, Rwanda to unite in commitment towards action on universal health coverage (UHC).  During the youth pre-conference, more than 40+ youth participated in an ACS-led interactive session that focused on communications and advocacy initiatives, and provided the opportunity for participants to create their own meaningful messages during a hands-on advocacy exercise.  During the main conference, ACS gave a presentation on findings from a case study conducted in Burkina Faso that focused on the role of civil society organizations in moving UHC forward.

Pause and Learn

Nairobi, Kenya
February 5-7, 2019

In February 2019, the ACS team gathered in Nairobi, Kenya for our annual Pause and Learn. We reflected on what we have learned from our work to date and worked collaboratively to do deep dives into our project’s processes and methodologies and how we will be moving our work forward this year—especially as we launch activities in Botswana and Namibia.

African Health Business Symposium (AHBS) – Achieving UHC in Africa

Stronger Together

Johannesburg, South Africa
October 8-9, 2018

The October 2018 African Health Business Symposium in Johannesburg convened 300+ delegates from over 50 countries, mostly African, to learn from various country experiences in implementing Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The ACS project led an opening-day panel discussion highlighting key findings from its year one consultation phase.  Experts from five different countries informed the ACS project about various issues related to the socio-political and financial enabling environments related to advancing UHC.

“We’re defining #UHC in Uganda through a multi-stakeholder approach,” said Grace Kiwanuka, Executive Director of Uganda Healthcare Federation.  She joined the ACS panel discussion.

To learn more about where and when the ACS project is collaborating with UHC change makers, follow us on Twitter @results4dev, using hashtag #ACS4UHC.  ACS supports regional and country stakeholders in sub-Saharan Africa in driving change toward UHC by fostering greater accountability, collaboration, and knowledge exchange.

For more information about the AHBS, please click here.

Country Consultations


Throughout 2017, ACS held consultations with stakeholders in five sub-Saharan African countries: Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Burkina Faso, and Tanzania.

These countries had demonstrated political will for universal health coverage but encountered challenges in making it a reality. Our extensive consultation process allowed us to hear a range of voices, identify key obstacles to and opportunities for UHC, and focus our efforts moving forward.