How ACS Operates

Country by country, region by region, ACS examines existing universal health coverage efforts to learn about the obstacles to implementation.
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Picture of men and women sitting next to each other at a conference table in Benin.

Whether the entry point is on HIV/AIDS or expanding health coverage to the most vulnerable, ACS advances these efforts by facilitating knowledge exchange and evidence-based collaboration among experts in health financing, policy, technical processes and communications.

ACS’ team, predominantly based in Africa, is made up of African experts in health financing and systems, research, policy, with strong skills in facilitation, communications and advocacy.

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Allison Kelley
“We believe that efforts to advance UHC must be led by strong local and regional institutional architecture with capacity to drive ongoing change. Our support places value on navigating political economy issues, continuously learning, mobilizing stakeholders and facilitating meaningful engagement, not just technical solutions. We invest in local and regional institutional partners and expertise to ensure coherence and continuity in support to complex system reform processes and reinforce institutional memory across specific initiatives and funder timelines.”
-Allison Kelley, ACS Project Director