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Our Results

Three women sitting at a conference table. One woman is speaking with her hands to emphasizes her point while the other two women listen intently.

Moving towards sustainable UHC involves an incremental, complex process. ACS knows that success can only be achieved by being Africa-led and working with Africa-based experts who are deeply knowledgeable about countries’ specific health system and financing needs. ACS’ team of experts from Benin, Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Kenya, Burkina Faso, and Senegal have worked hand-in-hand with national counterparts to:

  • Develop systems and services to manage and track HIV/AIDS resources for epidemic control.
  • Engage diverse stakeholders from all levels to guide a health insurance pilot program.
  • Facilitate collective development of a roadmap to UHC while also creating a layperson’s version for popular accessibility.
  • Provide continuous support to government leadership to better understand what helps (or hampers) progress towards UHC and to make necessary adjustments.
“ACS leverages and combines African skills and places them in the forefront to help African countries work on the priorities that they choose to address. Thanks to our deep understanding of contextual realities, we support home grown solutions developed through process facilitations that are evidence informed.”
-Cheickna Toure, ACS Technical Director