Voices Inspiring Change

This initiative amplifies the voices, needs and perspectives of underrepresented members of society through contextualized storytelling.
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Botswana Voices Inspiring Change: Part 1

Read the perspectives of Goitsemang Rampa, Claims Manager at Botswana Medical Aid Society, and Nana Gleeson, Fiance, Operations and Resource Mobilization Manager for the Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and HIV/AID Agency on the country's COVID-19 efforts and progress toward Universal Healthcare.


Voices Inspiring Change engages and highlights voices outside of typical stakeholder groups like policymakers, donors, partners, and technical advisors. Voices Inspiring Change seeks to amplify the stories and knowledge of the full range of stakeholders who have a stake in how the UHC agenda is shaped and carried forward in their countries. The initiative calls attention to the responsibility of policy makers to include critical voices in health policy discussions that support their country’s movement towards UHC. Policies are more equitable, responsive, and effective when they are inclusive of the voices they are intended to benefit.

Voices Inspiring Change will share stories and perspectives from every ACS country and when available, from non-ACS countries. In addition to sharing stories of UHC champions, ACS also builds partnerships with each Voices Inspiring Change participant and will provide future story updates to assess changes to the UHC challenges and opportunities shared in their initial stories. The beauty of Voices Inspiring Change is that the stories and how they are shared will look differently in each country and ACS will remain responsive to how best to create and share these stories.

“UHC is, after all, a societal project. For too long, it has been approached only as a technical issue. While there are important technical choices to be made, the more challenging part of the path to UHC is getting everyone on board and doing their part to advance the movement and make it meet the whole population’s needs. Vital voices are critical to ensure that beneficiaries’ voices shape the UHC dialogue and decisions, while building their ownership of it.”
- ACS Director, Allison Kelley

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“UHC means that each and every person in Botswana should have access to health services – Preventative, promotive, curative, and rehabilitative. People should be able to access services that are of good quality at a cost they can afford. Regardless of where you live, you should be able to access quality health facilities and services.”

Dr. Onalenna Seitio-Kgokgwe

Botswana Voices Inspiring Change

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    Youth Engagement: Namibia


    Voices Inspiring Change – The Activist: Luciano Kambala

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    Voices Inspiring Change – The Veteran: Ludwig Beukes

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    Voices Inspiring Change: the pioneer Josephine Angula

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    Voices Inspiring Change– The Feminist: Irene Garoës

    Irene sitting on a park bench smiling at the camera.
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